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Unkai Terrace Tomamu Resort

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Anonymous asked: What are your top beauty tips?


always moisture your face (at least at night) even if you have oily skin, it will balance out in like 5 days and your aging middle-aged self will thank you so much. 

put on lip balm at night for soft lips in the morning (and moisture your hands when you lie down in bed while you’re at it, good to get into this habit).

if you can’t be bothered to put on a lot of make-up or don’t want to, a little lip balm, a rosy cream blush and fixing your eyebrows will go a long way. (ofc apply as much skin coverage as u feel comfortable with) also bb creams are gold in the summer!

getting ur eye-lashes tinted if they’re not dark will also do wonders (what sucks for me is that they’re completely black naturally except the tips are blonde -.-).

fuck shaving ur legs every few days and getting stubble or painful waxing. if u buy an at home hair removal laser (phillips makes good ones) and use it just 3 or 4 times, enjoy smooth legs 24/7 *.*

u can use lemon juice on ur face a few times a week if u have dark spots from acne, it really does work.

make sure ur exfoliate, it improves your appearance drastically.. i am emotionally attached to my tanned skin so i try not to exfoliate my body but instead i moisture every day (also great for making ur tan last longer). but i always exfoliate my face and you should too, flaky skin, especially with tons of make-up on is NOT fresh lol.

really really try hard on your eyebrows, they are so important and good, strong eyebrows will really impress.

use bronzer down the middle of your legs, under your collar bones, in your decoltage (look at me being all fancy) and in the E3 shape on your face to glow. you don’t want to look washed out and drab.

and finally, i will tell you the biggest secret of them all. this is for extremely strong nails that can basically cut through steel. hard nails = long nails. this is how i have looong nails ALL YEAR ROUND and people literally try to pull them off because they don’t believe they’re real. ready? mavala scientifique nail hardener. get this stuff, honestly. also it’s not a good idea to file your natural nails in an almond shape that’s so popular these days, it just isn’t, stick to a nice classy squared shape.

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Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social, they just have no tolerance for drama and fake people.

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Put this on your blog. Our Queens are perfection.